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Defy Logic

Hypocrite…Moi? Hell yes… I’ve been told that, on occasion, I have been uncomplimentary about the little leprechaun, the Irish President, Michael D. Higgins. I might have described him, Continue reading

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Celtic Rocks

It has been some time since the “smoke and mirror” Celtic Tiger was buried…but still newspaper headlines scream out with… Continue reading

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I have seen the future of America and it is an eleven year old girl selling (or I should say trying to sell) mistletoe in Portland Oregon and a seven year old boy from Detroit. Continue reading

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ducks, beavers, rednecks and Jesus…

OK it took me a while but I finally watched an episode. I thought gee … the geniuses in the TV industry have come up with a show worse than Judge Judy. So what did I do … I watched another episode, then another and, I swear, I’m ready to go kill a beaver. OORAH!! Continue reading

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