Celtic Rocks

rocks It has been some time since the “smoke and mirror”  Celtic Tiger was buried…but still newspaper headlines scream out with…

Three former bankers charged with €7.2bn fraud

Case relates to deposits between Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Life & Permanent in 2008

Irish Times 12/19/13 (in Ireland it is 19/12/13, everything over here is ass backwards).  Chump change…it’s only 7.2 billion euros.  I would imagine my Irish brother-in-law took note of these charges.

bankersIt is unfortunate that banks play a major role in causing a recession, crawling out of same and then setting an economy on a path to recovery and growth.

Reading the Aer Lingus in-flight magazine on the way over, a full page advertisement from a major Irish bank, aimed at ex-pats and Americans, was touting the ease in getting a mortgage from them.   Prior to leaving the states I was helping my daughter and wife submit the necessary documents for a loan application from the same bank.  In doing so I had communicated via emails with… first a person made redundant (fired) but still working at the bank (remember everything is ass backwards over here) and then someone unable to make logical decisions. 

The loan was for an extension to a “mortgage free” existing home..and was for “real” chump change.

I won’t go into the details but …

Ireland is considered the best educated nation in Europe, and because of institutions, like this bank, doing everything they can to prevent the economy from growing by making it extremely difficult to borrow money.  Money of which would go to hiring people. Common sense … huh?

Well guess what .. 300,000 of the best and brightest have gone to Canada, New Zealand  and Australia to find work.

Back to “the” bank.  I even went so far as sending an email that said “Does your bank even want to do business with us?” and “does anyone in your bank possess any common sense?”   The response … “well the loan offer says…”

boiIt is my humble opinion that common sense, street smarts and making  decisions is paramount to succeeding in business.  A four-cornered cap with a tassel and 130 semester hours just doesn’t add up to a full education.

I will leave you with one other banking story.  In my other life in cable television we had borrowed about 4 million dollars to build a particular town.  The loan was specific for this town and was not to be used elsewhere.  Well we kept on winning franchises’ and of course the local politicians were applying pressure on me to build their towns as well.  So what to do.  Why… use the money I had gotten for the other town and start to build the next.  The bank will never know the difference. 

They did and instructed me to shut the construction down.  I told her I would but I would also tell the local politicians who made me.  The bank loan was soon changed to accommodate additional franchises.

Oh ya and the situation here all fell into place after my daughter called in some markers and I called the Chief Executive of the bank.

You may have wondered why “Celtic rocks” … you can get faster decisions and more common sense out of an Irish rock than you can out of an Irish bank.

chishire cat smileand just in … our crack Irish lawyers have asked for a confirmation letter from my American lawyer that I actually signed a document that he, my American lawyer notarized…go figure

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