The “Madness” continues…



…  it’s more than just basketball and…

I feel smarter already.

Did I say “Already” (the name I gave my visiting cat)… since Lux, the 22 pound cat, held its owners at bay, he “Already” is looking at me a little differently these days.  I think he saw the video of Lux in action.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about you must live in (the Black Hole) Clonegal, Ireland.

lux the cat

He has not been coming by as frequently as in the past.  It could be the weather and his owner is not letting him out…but something is a bit strange about him. 


Smarter…OH yes!  I do believe my spelling is getting better and my math skills seem razor edge.  Unfortunately it has not improved my fiddle playing.

Now if Madison Avenue’s calculations are correct, millions of people are experiencing the “spring time” of f**king brilliance because of this phenomenon.

Hey… I did not have to use “spell check” to spell phenomenon correctly.  Now if it should be phenomena, then you’ve got me.

The first day of spring was a few days ago and this coming Monday the temperature is forecast to be in the 20’s with a hint of snow.  MADNESS…and it’s a good thing that the Red Sox open in Baltimore.

The two colleges that my daughter graduated from made it to the “Big Dance”.  Harvard won Thursday and Providence was beaten in the final seconds by North Carolina on Friday.  Harvard played Michigan State Saturday and was run off the court in the first half and came back strong to loss by 7.  I think North Carolina could make it to the final 4 and I know I’ve gone a bit “mad” from watching too much basketball.

Yes, of course, I used “March Madness” to do a little father “strut” or do a little dance…I can’t get this song out of my head since I saw Si Robertson (Duck Dynasty) sing and dance to it.


KC & The Sunshine BandGet Down TonightYouTube‎YouTube

Colleen is still filling the dual roles of General Contractor of the “cave” and some other building and the International Manager at the ever growing soon to be IPO’ed … Hubspot Dublin, Ireland.

Me…you ask.  I have some new found object and driftwood art pieces that the Cheshire cat and Alice may find interesting. I can also be found at the South Side Tavern, Quincy, Massachusetts for fiddle sessions … my playing … you could say it is a work in progress, the others are great!

2015-03-15 23.31.56

Order your new world map yet?  Perhaps not … more changes coming?  The “Supreme One” and the Secretary of State have strongly assured the countries that boarder Putinville that “the US has their back”.  The people that live in those countries must feel “protected” especially after Joe “I can beat Hillary” Biden’s visit.

putin2 I recently wrote about getting a “smart phone” and a new lap top.  I also compared my HP lap top to my old BMW and both, I swear, know what I’m thinking about and will test me.

Am I smarter today? …and am I experiencing the “spring time” of f**king brilliance?  I think not but Si I’m a doin my best to fix stupid.

2015-03-21 14.20.19You can just make “the smartness” out in front of a new driftwood piece, after all that’s what I sell on

logo3 … and I confess, I did have to spell check phenomenon and guess what, I just did again.

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