Ramblings of a “mad” man…part 4

dan cowboy (300x400)It is going on 4 years now and in order to keep the monthly streak going, I submit the following to confirm that… chishire cat smile Cheshire Cat:  Of course, he’s mad, too Alice:  But I don’t want to go among mad people.  Cheshire Cat:  Oh, you can’t help that.  Most everyone’s mad here….you may have noticed that I’m not all there myself…

… and that “mad” people are still finding this blog (as of this date) by searching key words. (Part of my daily report below)

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Is there anyone else “mad” and should I start packing my bags for the “home”.

A bit of madness follows…

Vladimir Putin must be shaking in his boots after Kerry and Obama strongly condemned his recent actions in the Crimea.  “There will be consequences!” 

…and Putin’s response… “Горячий” МДА … Я лучше получить мои войска здесь … если я не будут последствия”

putin Pope Francis I is doing things that are encouraging for those like myself that have distanced themselves from the church. Any Pope that drops the “F”  bomb is my kind of Pope.   If he also drops this economic distribution bull shit and fires Cardinal Law…then we’re getting somewhere.

pope-frThe Pope, speaking Italian in his Sunday address, said “cazzo” when he meant”caso.”  One word means “example.”  The other is what Putin is saying to Kerry and Obama.

I have great admiration for those that can speak several languages.  Those that call some athletes dumb spoiled millionaires may have it partially right but if they speak more than one language, it’s a different ball game for me.  Zdeno Chara (Boston Bruins) speaks seven languages and I know what I will be called  when I say …some American born athletes can’t even speak English.

Zdeno+Chara+2012+Molson+Canadian+NHL+Star+iowdGrYMJ9el …It is not only athletes and speaking English…the National Geographic Society conducted a study that focused on the lack of geographic knowledge by Americans.   Respondents were asked to match numbers on a world map with a list of sixteen places. Among 18-24 year olds world-wide, on average, Americans were least able to provide correct answers. They averaged 6.9 correct out of 16. In fact, only 86% of Americans could identify the location of the United States on a map. Of the sixteen places, Americans had the most difficult time locating the Persian Gulf (only 25% were accurate).

Send those 14% packing now!  Where?  It doesn’t really fucking matter.

…and a more recent study asked them to identify Afghanistan on a map.  Only  30% were able to do so.

Karzai Speaking of Afghanistan.  We have asked Hamid Karzai to sign a new security agreement extending our stay in country.  He has refused to sign it.  He has said to America what the Pope said mistakenly and what Putin has said most emphatically….so please tell me why we are still there  …and don’t embarrass yourself by saying  “we built roads and new schools so that girls and young women can get an education.”

…Ah…I know where we can send those 14%.

…and the day is coming that we must say something to the “Gold Star” families when we leave?  “Mrs. Smith, our country recognizes that your son/daughter died for a good cause, unfortunately we’re not sure what that was.”

I have mixed emotions over Obama’s military cuts.  American must stay strong and remain a true super-power.  Perhaps the answer is in technology not in the number of men and women serving.  Our country could be well served if military contractors kept to budget and congress did not dictate the production of unnecessary and unwanted planes, ships and tanks.

I recently revisited a speech given by President Dwight D. Eisenhower leaving the office in 1961. Unfortunately his words of caution regarding the military-industrial complex were not heeded.  I suggest you read it. (google Military-Industrial Complex speech Dwight Eisenhower)

alice cat Thank those that served and are serving and please remember those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom and God bless America. troops

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