Helmets…we don’t need no stinkin helmets

rugbyfight Any time there is a sporting match between England and Ireland it gives the participants a legal opportunity to kick the shit out of each other… but in Rugby, the gentleman’s sport,  all is forgiven at the end of the match as they walk off the pitch hand in hand.

rugbykicksideOf note, most of the players look like they stepped out of prep school right into GQ and ended up playing a sport that’s a “bit” violent.

The Six Nation Rugby tournament has, once again, captured the attention of Irish sports fans and more.  The Championship is an annual international rugby union competition involving six European sides:  England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales.

Then there is the Triple Crown. 

The Triple Crown may only be won by England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, when one nation wins all three of their matches against the others, during the Six Nations Championship.  It has been won three times by Ireland, twice by Wales and once by England.

Ireland won the 2009 Six Nations Championship and Grand Slam (Triple Crown) by beating Wales.  It was the first time they had won the championship since 1985, and the first time they had won the Grand Slam since 1948.

The country shut down for a week and celebrated.

This country will shut down at the drop of a hat for most anything  but that’s another story for some other time, cuz just thinking about it pisses me off.

In that I am new to the game and that for me, the most perplexing  event is  a “Scrum”… a picture and components of a scrum follows.


  • “Crouch”, the two packs get in position. The two front rows must be within an arms length of each other.
  • “Touch”, the props touch each others outside shoulders. This shows that indeed they are close enough.
  • “Pause”, to make sure the two packs of players are stable.
  • “Engage”, the two packs may join (crash?) together when ready.

Not sure if these “steps” are from “Fifty Shades of Grey” or not.  I still haven’t read the book or seen the movie.

As the tournament progresses I’ll throw a few other rules and general information at you.


Oh ya, back to the Ireland vs England match…

rubyengThe picture kind of tells it all … Ireland 19 England 9.  I have to admit it was a good game to watch and the best play of the day was …

henshaw rugby try…and fans are no different over here …


Ireland plays a tough Wales in two weeks and as you can see, if Wales wins, it all gets a bit dicey.

By the by the Irish team has a mascot and on this particular day she forgot to wear her uniform.  Could have been a bad batch the night before…and she definitely should consider a paper bag helmet.


Rank Team
1 Ireland 3 3 6
2 England 3 2 4
3 Wales 3 2 4
4 France 3 1 2
5 Italy 3 1 2
6 Scotland 3 0 0

 I’ll keep you posted on the results and more…



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