painting yellow submarines

I like to fish, surf casting, in the summer.  When doing so all the mindless things floating around my little brain disappear and I am at peace with  myself.

For the last few years I have been painting, doing found object/driftwood art and trying to learn five, that’s all, five songs on my 236 year old fiddle.

As with fishing, I am at peace and forget about the petty things that somehow bother me. Don’t understand why I should be bothered by anything, but … just five fucking songs.

On the art side, I was fortunate to have a private showing at ArtBank in Bunclody, Ireland and had an exhibit with my sister in Milton, Massachusetts.  A documentary on me, by Dick Dona, actor, film producer, artist and his wife artist Marja Van Kampen,  was  also submitted to the Wexford Film Festival.  I don’t believe it won.



As with the fiddle, I have taken  lessons from two great musicians and teachers, Aidan Maher and Jeff Angeley.  Recently a close friend of my son in law, an accomplished violin master, suggested to me “just five songs, Dan cuz you’re never going to make it to Symphony Hall” 

Little does he know there’s a bar called Symphony Hall.

My sister Carol Veiga and brother Bob both went to a fine art school.  I remember Bob putting some interesting price tags on some of his work and would say “people think it must be good if it costs this much”.  I kind of followed his lead until I met a woman that does magical things with old windows.  She invited me to display my stuff at a show on the Boston water front.  She is married to a former Boston Bruin hockey player and he looked at my driftwood and found object art and said he liked it, then asked “if you cut your price would that change your life style?”  “you probably would sell more and get the satisfaction that someone likes your work”  He was right…and so was my brother.

I never made a living out of art…my sister and brother did.  I’m just having some fun while getting lost…

A Carol Veiga painting…and Bob Carney drawing done when he was nineteen.  You might see the difference between fun and talent.

I’ll get back to some painting now because sadly my constant companion and buddy was killed on the road up front.  He was abandoned two years ago and found us and never left.  RIP Jake…

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  1. Mark A. Southworth says:

    I love the “Bill Russell”

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