The last…

Apparently, the word is out in the stray/abandoned cat/dog world of Clonegal. 

Several years ago Jake showed up at our door, and now a weeks-old cat came crawling out of our woodpile.  Jake was my constant companion and we became best buddies.  Unfortunately, he was hit by a truck and killed.  Snoopy, the cat must have survived the roving fox from the back forty.

I love cats but I am allergic to them.  Years ago I wrote about “Already” the St. Agatha Road, Milton cat that used to come to my door and knock for me to come out.  Believe me, there were times I would hide so he wouldn’t see me. When I came back from a few days at the beach, he would ignore me and then break down “well I guess I showed that asshole a thing or two”.  The next day back at the door.

How did he get his name you ask.  I called him the no-name cat and my dear niece commented “will ya name him already”…so…

On my return to Milton several years ago, I expected Already to come a callin but he was a no show.  I thought he was just pissed and would show up when he saw some activity around the house, but no cat.

Months go by and I’m driving down our street and I stop and ask this elderly lady (look who’s calling elderly you asshole) if she has seen the neighborhood cat.  She then just opens up…” I was wondering when you would find out who owned the cat and come by to ask about him.  In my upstairs window, I would watch him come over to you and I could see how attached he was to you”.  Well, she then told me Charlie got sick and she spent thousands of dollars to save him to no avail.  When I left we both were in tears.

Now we have Snoopy and when I light the old pot-bellied stove in the garage the cat sits on my head. 

The garage is where I paint, play pool, the fiddle and watch TV.  Jake would in no uncertain terms howl in discomfort when he heard me play.  Snoop will do everything to get in the way of doing anything. 

I love peanuts and a cocktail or two. A couple of weeks ago I gave some to Snoop, who now is about seven months old.  She couldn’t get enough.  I bought unsalted peanuts one day and they were horrible, Snoop wouldn’t eat them either.  I’m just wondering if anyone that owns a cat, oh excuse me, if anyone that a cat owns feeds them peanuts.

In the past when I wrote about Already people would comment OK enough with the cat shit and now I promise this is the last about Snoop just like I promised that the last blog was the last…now this one could be the last, seriously.

But …

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