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Lookin for some help…

Have we all “lost it?”
Discuss politics…I don’t think so. We can’t discuss we immediately steer the conversation and/or the social media comment to a specific conclusion and then it’s my way or the highway. Continue reading

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2017 Favorite

  In that this was my favorite post of the past year and it, “the weather” is always a subject of conversation and most importantly I am running out of time to keep my posting streak going. Daniel N. Carney’s … Continue reading

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Irish weather reporting (adults)

And you wonder why my vocabulary turns to fucking shit when I return to the states. Continue reading

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Arthur celebrates the 4th of July

I am at the “beach” and Hurricane Arthur is sailing past Nantucket at about 90 MPH. The road out of here is flooded and I’m not going anywhere with my car. Certain areas of Dartmouth, New Bedford and Fairhaven have already gotten about a foot of rain and it keeps coming. The wind has extinguished the pilot on my refrigerator and the beer is getting warm. Continue reading

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Sandy and her gang…

Sandy, Irene, Earl, Floyd, Esther,Doria, Gloria, Bob, Danny, Edna, Donna, Carol, Carol again, the Great Atlantic, 1944 and 1938 are names and dates that have had an impact on my family and other “beach” people that celebrate and suffer with coastal living. Continue reading

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