hats, doors and gramophones


A door, hat and gramophone walk into a bar.  The hat orders a beer, the door a whiskey and the gramophone a vintage wine.  Another round follows and more after that.  When things start to get a little crazy, the door closes, the hat is thrown into the ring and the gramophone plays Benny Goodman’s “the dreamer in me”.

I collect hats, doors, wind up gramophones and dreams with imagination.

…and as I wrote on one of my doorsIMG_6823“Opening this door will set your imagination free…signing it creatively will give you the key to do so”

IMG_6819 (1)


The above door is leaning against the “sibin” a studio, bar pool and dart room in Clonegal/Abbeydown.  As a matter of fact all the doors are located there.  Hats in Milton and Ireland.  Gramophones in Milton and Ireland.

IMG_6817 (1)IMG_6818 (1)

Should be obvious to you all I’ve got nothing else to do…so

I think I’ll listen to Robert Johnson’s “crossroads now.