Ramblings of a “mad” man…part 4

dan cowboy (300x400)It is going on 4 years now and in order to keep the monthly streak going, I submit the following to confirm that… chishire cat smile Cheshire Cat:  Of course, he’s mad, too Alice:  But I don’t want to go among mad people.  Cheshire Cat:  Oh, you can’t help that.  Most everyone’s mad here….you may have noticed that I’m not all there myself…

… and that “mad” people are still finding this blog (as of this date) by searching key words. (Part of my daily report below)

Orange Armenia Cjsc YEREVAN YEREVAN ARMENIA 1 1 0 long cock’s competition At 8:42AM

Is there anyone else “mad” and should I start packing my bags for the “home”.

A bit of madness follows…

Vladimir Putin must be shaking in his boots after Kerry and Obama strongly condemned his recent actions in the Crimea.  “There will be consequences!” 

…and Putin’s response… “Горячий” МДА … Я лучше получить мои войска здесь … если я не будут последствия”

putin Pope Francis I is doing things that are encouraging for those like myself that have distanced themselves from the church. Any Pope that drops the “F”  bomb is my kind of Pope.   If he also drops this economic distribution bull shit and fires Cardinal Law…then we’re getting somewhere.

pope-frThe Pope, speaking Italian in his Sunday address, said “cazzo” when he meant”caso.”  One word means “example.”  The other is what Putin is saying to Kerry and Obama.

I have great admiration for those that can speak several languages.  Those that call some athletes dumb spoiled millionaires may have it partially right but if they speak more than one language, it’s a different ball game for me.  Zdeno Chara (Boston Bruins) speaks seven languages and I know what I will be called  when I say …some American born athletes can’t even speak English.

Zdeno+Chara+2012+Molson+Canadian+NHL+Star+iowdGrYMJ9el …It is not only athletes and speaking English…the National Geographic Society conducted a study that focused on the lack of geographic knowledge by Americans.   Respondents were asked to match numbers on a world map with a list of sixteen places. Among 18-24 year olds world-wide, on average, Americans were least able to provide correct answers. They averaged 6.9 correct out of 16. In fact, only 86% of Americans could identify the location of the United States on a map. Of the sixteen places, Americans had the most difficult time locating the Persian Gulf (only 25% were accurate).

Send those 14% packing now!  Where?  It doesn’t really fucking matter.

…and a more recent study asked them to identify Afghanistan on a map.  Only  30% were able to do so.

Karzai Speaking of Afghanistan.  We have asked Hamid Karzai to sign a new security agreement extending our stay in country.  He has refused to sign it.  He has said to America what the Pope said mistakenly and what Putin has said most emphatically….so please tell me why we are still there  …and don’t embarrass yourself by saying  “we built roads and new schools so that girls and young women can get an education.”

…Ah…I know where we can send those 14%.

…and the day is coming that we must say something to the “Gold Star” families when we leave?  “Mrs. Smith, our country recognizes that your son/daughter died for a good cause, unfortunately we’re not sure what that was.”

I have mixed emotions over Obama’s military cuts.  American must stay strong and remain a true super-power.  Perhaps the answer is in technology not in the number of men and women serving.  Our country could be well served if military contractors kept to budget and congress did not dictate the production of unnecessary and unwanted planes, ships and tanks.

I recently revisited a speech given by President Dwight D. Eisenhower leaving the office in 1961. Unfortunately his words of caution regarding the military-industrial complex were not heeded.  I suggest you read it. (google Military-Industrial Complex speech Dwight Eisenhower)

alice cat Thank those that served and are serving and please remember those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom and God bless America. troops

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Am I too dumb for a smart phone?



I have been thinking about buying a new mobile phone for some time. The one I have now makes and receives calls.  That’s it…period.

I am embarrassed to take it out (the phone) when others are around me are texting, using this app and that app while checking the stock market and the news from Fall River.


I have also been thinking about buying a new lap top computer…but I kind of feel that my computer is like my car (15 years young) and by thinking about buying a newer car, it will break down somewhere in, you guessed it, Fall River.

laptopI am convinced that my car knows what I am thinking about.

Recently I read an article in Time Magazine about “The Infinity Machine” and it has me salivating for this “puppy” to go commercial.

Oh you’re not familiar with this computer, well let me explain it to you.

An adiabatic quantum computer works by means of a process called quantum annealing.  Its heart is a network of qubits linked together by couplings.  You “program” the couplings with an algorithm that specifies certain interactions between the qubits, ya still with me, – if this one is a I, then that one has to be a 0, and so on.

Ok this might help…you put the qubits into a state of quantum superposition, in which they’re free to explore all those 2-to-the-whatever computational possibilities simultaneously, then you allow them to settle back into a classical state and become regular I’s and 0’s again.

The theory.  Erwin Schrodinger created the famous thought experiment that illustrates the strangeness of quantum superposition. 


This will make it quite simple to understand.

A cat (not Already … my neighborhood cat) is sealed in a box with a flask of poison and a radiation source.  If the source emits a radioactive particle – a 50 50 chance – the flask shatters, releasing the poison and killing the cat.


Quantum mechanics implies that the cat is simultaneously alive and dead – in superposition-until it is observed.  The act of opening the box collapses the superposition, returning the cat to a classical state and making it either alive or dead.

Now I ask you…should I go out and buy a new HP computer at Best Buy?  I don’t think so.

This “puppy” is so effective with so-called optimization problems-like it will select “Already’s” most efficient route through the neighborhood.   Hello!

Now I have to admit that the computers on sale at Best Buy are a bit cheaper than this dog…so I just might wait until they make it to ebay.


Bookmark the following and support them any way you can.

communitymatt h

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“The” truck is on its way…




Hope springs eternal in the human breast;

Man never is, but always to be blessed:

The Soul, uneasy and confined from home,

Rests and expatiates in a life to come.

Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man

A reporter was standing in front of a towering snow pile and she was telling her audience that this event had only become popular in the past ten years.

Au contraire my dear pink hat.

Prior to 2004 we all knew that “the” truck was filled with much more than equipment and uniforms.  It was packed with our dreams, our hopes… and our “if onlys”.  Then our world changed.

We wanted just one in our life time…just one.  After 86 years we felt that we deserved one. After all, those evil beings down the road from us, couldn’t even count as high as the number they had.  Then came 2004.

…and 2007 …and then last year.  Young people today are like us when we were young and the other team in town won 11 out of 13 years.  We just expected them to win…period.

The game to me, was about statistics.  .406, .344, 521, #9 meant something.  762 and 73 are covered with slim.  It is different now and perhaps I should move on and accept the tainted numbers and statistics.  I wanted just one…just one…the other two are OK but I was satisfied with just one.

Football is now America’s game.  Baseball is too slow and boring for the internet generation. I agree and changes must be made quickly.

While watching the truck being loaded and driving off, I thought it would have been nice if the “Kid” had won one. 

“The” truck is heading south for spring training and it is packed with equipment,uniforms and money.  Void of dreams, hope and “if onlys”.   My only wish is it had taken the snow with it.

Go you Sox!

The following “teams” deserve your support:

communitymatt h

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The “Drink”

drinking at the bar

 OK Already, I’ll get off the subject of booze soon enough but I must tell you about this steward on our Aer Lingus fight back to the states.

Because of the strong, and I do mean strong, turbulence coming over he had to sit down for a good length of time.  We got to talking about Irish whiskey  and he asked if I had ever tried Jameson 12 year old.  I said I had but Jameson and Paddy’s were fine with me.  He said that Paddy’s gave him a headache.

First of all this guy is Polish, about 6’3”, weighs in around 275 lbs, lives in Krakow, Poland and commutes to Dublin.  Within the next year he will have his co-pilot’s license to fly big planes.

Now I realize that some Irish can drink a lot (one drank 5 bottles of wine, 6 or 7 large cans of Heineken and a few gin and tonics at a party we were at). 

The steward got headaches the next morning after drinking Paddy’s because he would consume the whole bottle.  Hello!

John B. Keane, the late Irish playwright, in this YouTube video talks about the “drink”.  It is hilarious!  His description includes the sound of pouring a drink while his wife stands behind him.

Click on john b and enjoy…you might want to pour one while your watching.

John B Keane On Drink – YouTube

► 2:20► 2:20


 I have this friend that was having some medical problems and he asked his doctor if he could have a glass of wine once in a while and she said sure but balance it out with something like a salad.  He then asked what if he had 6 salads….

 I think a glass of wine is good for you and so do some doctors.


 “Drink in moderation is one of the most ridiculous statements ever made.  You must drink a little more than moderation.”  John B. Keane

john b

Looks like I’m on a John B. run … check this video of John B. talking about Kerry “Hoors” …you really don’t have to be Irish to appreciate his sense of humor and vocabulary.

Listowel John B talks about Kerry Hoors – YouTube

…and with St. Patrick’s Day soon approaching I add, what most lovers of the day consider, the best Irish Drinking Songs.  Just click on the song and you should be able to watch a video of it.

7 Drunken Nights – The Dubliners
Each night a poor old drunk comes home to find someone else’s something where his something should be. And each night his lovely wife is more than happy to provide a reasonable explanation for his confusion. He gladly buys her story until Sunday, when he realizes things might not be what they seem.

Drink It Up Men – The Dubliners
What’s more Irish than an ode to stout? “There’s brandy, strong cognac that’s aging for years. But for killing the thirst and for easing the gout, there’s nothing at all beats a pint of good stout.”

Drunken Sailor – Irish Rovers
“Drunken Sailor” is one of the most fun drinking songs around. It’s three jolly minutes of creative problem solving the Irish way! What would you do with a drunken sailor?

Mary Mac – Carbon Leaf
The man who wrote this tune obviously had a way with his girl’s mother. “Mary Mac” is a fun song for the tongue tie factor. How fast can you say “Mary Mac’s mother’s making Mary Mac marry me”?

Whiskey In The Jar – The Dubliners
Though I hate to keep favoring one band, The Dubliners do an excellent job of covering the traditional songs. Metallica added their spin to this one but nothing beats the folk version.

British Army – The Dubliners
A jaunty tune about a fine, young Irishman who gets himself talked into joining the British Army. This song can have some colorful language depending on which version you hear. This Dubliners version is edited for the delicate listener.

Nancy Whiskey – Shane MacGowan
Whiskey and women, a more dangerous combination never existed.

Bog Down In The Valley – Rapalje
My favorite version of this one is actually done by a Scottish band called The Corries; however, Rapalje still represents it well. This is a fun song that is guaranteed to engage the whole pub.

Shipping Up To Boston – Dropkick Murphys
“Boston” is an instant drinking song classic even though it didn’t come from Ireland. Dropkick Murphys are a band that puts a modern edge to the Irish music tradition.

Finnegan’s Wake
If there’s a better Irish drinking song, I haven’t heard it. The performer of this version has a wonderful introduction before the song explaining both the origin of the word “whiskey” as well as the song itself.

Speaking of Already, my mystery cat, it took him a day to find out I was back.

NO NAME CATsláinte

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Back in the US..S..A….


band of brothers

                                           Oh, flew in from Dublin AerLingus
                                           Didn’t get to bed last night
                                           On the way the paper bag was on my knee
                                           Man I had a dreadful flight
                                           I’m back in the U.S.S.A.
                                           You don’t know how lucky you are boy
                                           Back in the U.S.S.A. (Yeah)

You just don’t realize how great the United States is until you spend time away.  Granted we have a lot of problems that must be addressed and sorted out, one of which lives on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.

We came back early because the “Project Manager” and her builder thought it best we evacuate the premisses.  I agree,  the place is a bit cold (no heat), dusty and torn apart.


2015-01-28 15.51.432015-01-28 13.02.33“The Project Manager” is making a few changes…but the view just keeps getting better and better…

2014-12-30 20.04.00I keep telling myself that it will be worth all the aggravation and stress. That is, for me, dependent on the pool table fitting snugly into the stove heated “cave”

Oh, the “cave” you ask…I’ll get back to you on that sometime later.

There were some great highlights during my stay. The following are not necessarily in the order of importance, but could be….

Meeting Mr. Ciaran O’Sullivan.

2014-12-25 20.00.42Hanging out with my new best friend, the President of Ireland, at the Leopardstown Races.


Defy Logic

Posted on December 27, 2013

My Christmas swim was a bit stimulating…to say the least.

swimSpending time with family, friends and of course “the Project Manager”

2014-12-21 01.56.28One friend that I did not get to see was Mark O’Neill.  His painting “Band of Brothers” is the lead picture on this post.  He is a national treasure that the Irish Government is literally running out of the country.

Mark is considered one of the finest painters in Ireland and England.  He has clients all over Europe.  Visit his web site and I’m sure you will agree https://www.themillhousegallery.com/

Mark is a painter not an accountant, therefore he hired a certified tax person to handle his financial affairs.  The Irish Tax Ministry kept on sending him notices of payments due and he would just pass them on to his accountant.  She stole everything from him and many of her other clients.  When all  was catching up to her,  she just ended the charade by jumping off a bridge.  Mark’s money…long gone.

No matter to the Tax Department. They said “Mr. O’Neill that’s your problem you should have kept better track of her activities”. 

They will decide his faith next week and it is entirely possible he will spend time in jail and then the country will lose a great talent.

2013-03-19 17.35.242013-03-19 18.20.04I need to catch up on all the news on this side of the pond.  Though I got some via the internet, there was, I’m sure, a lot that I missed.  I know the Patriots lost but did Welker play and how did he do? Feel free to pass on news of politics (that includes both my liberal and conservative friends), sports, business and what ever you think I might be interested in. 

Thanks for reading and when you have a chance look into the following and  after you do, I’m sure your support will follow…

matt hcommunity…and, of course credits to the Beatles “Back in the USSR”

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“Make it a good one!”

jameson2 My sister in law is taking care of her mother for the next few weeks.  She is 103 years old and when arriving at Ann and Tom’s house she said she was cold and would like a whiskey.  Ann poured her a spot of Jameson and she said “Ah, come on…make it a good one.”

Some of you may recall me writing about our neighbors across the street in Milton, Massachusetts.  When we first met them, he was about 89 and she was around 85 years “young”.

Every afternoon they would sit on their sun porch and have one or two Irish whiskeys before sun set.  Once a week they would drive down to one of the casinos in Connecticut to gamble and once a month up to New Hampshire to buy their liquor.  The car, well it looked like it wouldn’t make it around the block.

They had 9 children and every year one of them would buy them a restaurant book with deals far and wide.  Their son tells a story about them going to Anthony’s Pier 4 with one of the coupons.

The restaurant book had no deals on booze, but no matter, the car was set up with a mini bar and they would have a cocktail or two before dinner.  He liked to park in an area with a view, she didn’t care.  This particular day they parked near the side of the restaurant (nice view) and one of Boston’s finest came by and knocked on the window of the car.  He asked them if they were drinking and he said yes.  The cop politely asked them to move to a more discrete area.  They did and finished their drinks.

These activities continued until they moved into an assisted living apartment.  St. Agatha’s road was never the same again.

We went to visit them several times and upon returning from Ireland one year we were told that she had died.

I went to see him.  He was now about 96 years “old” and he knew instantly who I was. Soon one of his daughters arrived and I left.  As I walked to the elevator, she told me a story about her mother.

She was walking her mother around the complex and her mother asked “Does this place have a bar?” … they had lived there going on 4-5 years by now…and she said “No Ma…they don’t.”  “Do they have a suggestion box around here?” “No Ma they don’t.”  “Well they should and you know what I would suggest?”  Three hours later she died peacefully.

So…make it a good one…for that matter, make it a few good ones.

Several pieces of furniture from their Milton home gracefully occupy our home in Clonegal/Abbeydown, Ireland and every time I sit at the dining room table I think of them and raise my glass of Irish whiskey. 001  Cheers!

Congratulations to Jane Ross Stankiewicz being named South Coast person of the year.



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Tehran, wastebaskets, Ben and the FBI


watching you I get a daily and monthly report on visits to my web site www.driftwoodartdesigns.com and my blog www.danielncarney.com .  Recently, I got several “visits” from people in Tehran, Iran, and I thought that one or more of our crack security agencies might be interested in the reason for the contacts and begin to monitor my sites.

I could tell you but I won’t because if I did I would jeopardize your personal freedom and perhaps result in your tax returns being audited.

The “hits” reminded me of an in person visit, several years ago, by the FBI to my daughter’s, at the time, newly purchased condo in Charlestown, Massachusetts.   They ended their 7am interrogation by asking her not to tell anyone about the reason for their visit.  She told me and at the drop of a hat, (I collect hats) I will tell anyone that is interested why they paid her a visit.


I don’t know why but it also reminded me of one of my duties at Headquarters Marine Corps, Joint Planning Group in Arlington, Virginia.  I was required to have, if not all, pretty close to every security clearance there was to have.  I was told that the FBI did a through background check on me prior to my assignment.  They did say through.

At the time, I was a mere corporal and I would place five or six waste paper baskets in front of me and as every level of security message, from around the world, would arrive at the command center, I would determine who got what message and what was important and not so important.  These messages would range from TOP SECRET SENSITIVE MARINE CORPS EYES ONLY to CONFIDENTIAL.

To this day, I can’t believe a Corporal in the Marine Corps was making these kind of decisions.

 Did someone ask about the FBI visiting my daughter?

During the interrogation, they told her how long she was in Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, Korea (she taught school there) and other places that I no longer recall.  They then asked why she traveled to Ireland so often and why there was no record of her leaving, only returning to the States.

Some of her friends believed she was in the CIA…me…well…

She said the first 45 minutes were a bit scary but the last 15 minutes they got to the matter at hand.  “You spent almost two years in Korea and then returned to work at the Korean consulate in Boston, the FBI has a difficult time in understanding the Korean culture and people and if we were to call upon you, would you help?”

She had just gotten her cell phone and said “Of course, do you need my new phone number?”  “We have it” they replied.

benThose who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.  Ben Franklin

…and now, “Live Shot” John Kerry, US Secretary of State, is working quite nicely with those trusting Iranians and I’m getting “visited” by a bunch of towel heads that just may ask me “We’re having a difficult time understanding the United States culture and people, would you be willing to ….”


My US phone number is in the book and you probably have my Irish mobile number.  Call me anytime and we can chat about the above and your brother FBI agent spending the rest of his life in a Florida jail.  I have a story to tell about him.


If you meet, see or know a veteran, thank them for their service and please do all that you can for our active troops and their families.

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Defy Logic

higgins Hypocrite…Moi? Hell yes… I’ve been told that, on occasion, I have been uncomplimentary about the little leprechaun, the Irish President, Michael D. Higgins.  I might have described him, after he criticized American conservatives, something like  “…that left wing Irish socialist midget bastard”….and furthermore,  I would remind the “little one” that if it wasn’t for the USA his country would be speaking German….aaahhh but what do I do…have my picture taken with the little f**k head. asshole Do I …Defy Logic…once again hell yes!  The horse went off at 7-2 at the Leopardstown Racecourse on St. Steven’s Day.  Ciaran and I picked him and made a few “bob”.  My daughter on the other hand went O for 5. 2014-12-25 20.00.42 The National Thoroughbred Racing Association out of Lexington Kentucky was kind enough to request the Leopardstown Racecourse to extend the “appropriate privileges” to our party of three.  That would be Colleen, my daughter, Ciaran O’Sullivan and myself. I should add that Colleen may have been distracted by her conversation with the “Edge” and brief hello to Bono. edge &Because of the “appropriate privileges” (€100.00 each) we were able to visit with the rich and famous of Ireland, and Colleen took the occasion to chat with her old friend the “Edge”. 

After Ciaran’s first big win with (Guitar Pete) we  knew the day would end up memorable, to say the least. guitar pete We also happened upon the Irish consultants to WGBH’s (PBS) documentary film crew, Aideen Roach, Alan and Tom Deering. The “film” is about horse racing in Ireland and we were told that after a few more visits to this track and others throughout Ireland, it should be finished soon after.  I am convinced that they, GBH, will feature this documentary during fund raising week.

2013-12-26 19.17.43We did not see Mr. Kearney at the “Members Only Club”.  In the past he has provided “tips” that have produced positive results.  I hope he is OK.

The Leopardstown Racecourse is a special place and we all look forward to returning next year.  The management and security personnel were most kind and we sincerely thank them for their hospitality. 

What to do next…after the long rainy drive back to Clonegal, Mr. O’Sullivan was required to “pony up” at Osbornes Pub.

I now have 12 months to gather my thoughts about next year’s Leopardstown foray.

…and with that, I will add one more picture…

col &

My best wishes to all that read my “shit” and a Very Happy and Healthy New Year to all.



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Celtic Rocks

rocks It has been some time since the “smoke and mirror”  Celtic Tiger was buried…but still newspaper headlines scream out with…

Three former bankers charged with €7.2bn fraud

Case relates to deposits between Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Life & Permanent in 2008

Irish Times 12/19/13 (in Ireland it is 19/12/13, everything over here is ass backwards).  Chump change…it’s only 7.2 billion euros.  I would imagine my Irish brother-in-law took note of these charges.

bankersIt is unfortunate that banks play a major role in causing a recession, crawling out of same and then setting an economy on a path to recovery and growth.

Reading the Aer Lingus in-flight magazine on the way over, a full page advertisement from a major Irish bank, aimed at ex-pats and Americans, was touting the ease in getting a mortgage from them.   Prior to leaving the states I was helping my daughter and wife submit the necessary documents for a loan application from the same bank.  In doing so I had communicated via emails with… first a person made redundant (fired) but still working at the bank (remember everything is ass backwards over here) and then someone unable to make logical decisions. 

The loan was for an extension to a “mortgage free” existing home..and was for “real” chump change.

I won’t go into the details but …

Ireland is considered the best educated nation in Europe, and because of institutions, like this bank, doing everything they can to prevent the economy from growing by making it extremely difficult to borrow money.  Money of which would go to hiring people. Common sense … huh?

Well guess what .. 300,000 of the best and brightest have gone to Canada, New Zealand  and Australia to find work.

Back to “the” bank.  I even went so far as sending an email that said “Does your bank even want to do business with us?” and “does anyone in your bank possess any common sense?”   The response … “well the loan offer says…”

boiIt is my humble opinion that common sense, street smarts and making  decisions is paramount to succeeding in business.  A four-cornered cap with a tassel and 130 semester hours just doesn’t add up to a full education.

I will leave you with one other banking story.  In my other life in cable television we had borrowed about 4 million dollars to build a particular town.  The loan was specific for this town and was not to be used elsewhere.  Well we kept on winning franchises’ and of course the local politicians were applying pressure on me to build their towns as well.  So what to do.  Why… use the money I had gotten for the other town and start to build the next.  The bank will never know the difference. 

They did and instructed me to shut the construction down.  I told her I would but I would also tell the local politicians who made me.  The bank loan was soon changed to accommodate additional franchises.

Oh ya and the situation here all fell into place after my daughter called in some markers and I called the Chief Executive of the bank.

You may have wondered why “Celtic rocks” … you can get faster decisions and more common sense out of an Irish rock than you can out of an Irish bank.

chishire cat smileand just in … our crack Irish lawyers have asked for a confirmation letter from my American lawyer that I actually signed a document that he, my American lawyer notarized…go figure

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statue of liberty

I have seen the future of America and it is an eleven year old girl selling (or I should say trying to sell) mistletoe in Portland Oregon and a very determined seven year old boy from Detroit.


The mistletoe story has gone viral and I have searched high and low for the video clip of this Detroit kid being interviewed and I cannot find it…but it went something like this “I live in the ghetto, surrounded by gangs, drug dealers, and brothers killing brothers… man… this is not a nice place to live…but ya know what, I’m going to make it, I gonna get an education and I’m gonna succeed…. yes I am…”  This kid is seven years old and can you imagine what he experiences everyday of his life.  It has got to be like living in a war zone…ah…he is, it’s Detroit.


 What I want to do is find this kid and make sure that the local, state and federal government don’t f**k with this kid and that a private company, if there are any left in Detroit,  helps him on his mission to succeed…cuz he really is our future.

black boy

You all know by now what the eleven year old girl’s story is about… she has been told that she can’t sell mistletoe to help defray the cost of braces, but she can beg for the money on the city’s streets. Why because of local government regulations and the lack of common sense dictates that we do everything we can to discourage young entrepreneurs… just because it’s the law.

Does anyone in government have any common sense, and/or does someone with a degree from Harvard dictate the course of life that this street smart kid from Detroit will take.  I dare say that the government will lay out more obstacles for this kid than the ghetto will.

…and what da ya know …just as I was getting to like our new Pope he starts in with re-distributing the wealth.  Obama and Pope Francis must have gone off and had a few together.

He calls unfettered capitalism “tyranny” and urges the rich to share wealth.

The Pontiff’s first major publication calls on global leaders to guarantee work, education and healthcare.


 The 84-page document (no where near the 11,000 pages of regulations in ObamaCare), known as an apostolic exhortation, amounted to an official platform for his papacy, building on views he has aired in sermons and remarks since he became the first non-European pontiff in 1,300 years in March.

In it, Francis went further than previous comments criticizing the global economic system,  attacking the “idolatry of money” and beseeching politicians to guarantee all citizens “dignified work, education and healthcare”.

He also called on rich people to share their wealth. “Just as the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’ sets a clear limit in order to safeguard the value of human life, today we also have to say ‘thou shalt not’ to an economy of exclusion and inequality. Such an economy kills.”

It just seems to me that he is pointing the finger at America and that our economic system is not conducive to helping the poor.  Oh..If I may your Grace … what economic system would be better…socialism… communism.  I respectfully suggest you pontificate on things you have a better understanding of…and start re-distributing the billions of dollars in the Vatican bank vaults… before you prod others to do so.

…and perhaps while your at it, you could fire Cardinal Law.

And after saying that … consider the following when giving this Christmas…

chalolic charitries

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